Building History

History of the Station

What makes it special?

Many people have passed through the doors of the Museum since its inception in 1972, with an annual attendance of around 5,000 visitors.Generally half of these are children that come and pretend what it is like to ride on that big red truck and learn how to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of fire.

The Museum is associated with the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Dallas Historical Society, and the Fair Park Marketing Center. The Museum is funded from the members of the Department through payroll deduction and through an admission charge. Members who contribute 24 dollars or more to the Museum a year become official members of the Museum.

What about the restoration?

The Museum preserves the history of firefighting in Dallas through professional quality restoration and the display of vintage tools, apparatus, and memorabilia. The Museum also teaches safety through an interactive hands-on educational experience targeted for children in the second grade and older. It is intended to develop an awareness and appreciation for safety and accident prevention. Additional programs will be able to provide materials for parents, teachers, and others.