Exhibits at the Museum

Rookie Class Pictures

All Dallas firefighters are represented in the Museum with their rookie class picture. Find friends, relatives, or acquaintances while they were in Recruit school and compare them to how you remember them now.

FDNY Collage

September 11, 2001 affected people throughout this nation. The school children of Dallas where no exception. They created this collage to express their feelings after the terrorist attack in New York and Washington, D.C. This work hung in the DISD Administration Offices before it was donated to the Dallas Firefighters Museum.

“Joker System” and In & Out board

In 1926 a punch-tape system was installed in the Fair Park Fire Station to alert the companies to fires. This system was a Gamewell “Joker System”. The system could not identify company numbers that ended in “0”, so several station had to be renumbered. The Fair Park Fire Station became known as Station # 5 and the old “In & Out” boards that kept up with the companies status were discontinued.

“Old Tige”

“Old Tige” was purchased by the City of Dallas in 1884 and was named for Mayor W.L. Cabell. It was a 600 GPM pumper and served the growing downtown area. In 1911 the fire department shops rebuilt “Old Tige” and she was reassigned to Station # 6 at Forest Ave. and the railroad (now Central Exwy.). “Old Tiger” served the City of Dallas until 1921.

“Children’s Drawings”

About 50% of our visitors are children. This is one example of their rendition of their trip to the Dallas Firefighters Museum.